Samsung is Finally Desperate: Pro needs no keyboard?

Samsung has been releasing numerous anti-Apple advertisements in years, and now Samsung is finally making its final desperate moves. It’s not the specs, it’s not the features, but it’s the lack of the features they wish to promote in anti-Apple, anti-Microsoft, anti-Amazon commercial. Yeah, that’s how boring it can be.

Besides from making 3 different occasions of how Galaxy Pro is supposedly more superior, —which is another reason why this ad seems so distracting— it seems to be losing its sense of continuity every 20 seconds.

In the first scenario, iPad obviously loses. Frankly, if you are on an important conference call over an iPad in a mall, I’m surprised that you are not fired yet. But in the 2nd scene, Microsoft gets bashed for having appropriate hardwares for Pros, like keyboard and mouse and being a light computer, which should more pro-friendly when it comes down to tablet. No need to go over 3rd one, you simply can’t read on LCD or any other non E-ink tablets under bright sun light. Samsung must be assuming its user to be stoned or suffering from severe hangover.

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Let’s get this very clear: lack of feature is NOT a feature.

iPad as a tablet is classic, but not innovative anymore. Like everyone had said, it’s like “iPhone on steroid.” Surface, on the other hand, took bold step to combine a laptop and a tablet. We can figure out later if it’s working or not. Kindle is not even a tablet. Amazon is not even promoting basic Kindle as a tablet line, only Kindle fires, which still has more focuses on entertainment aspects. Want a tablet? Might as well buy a Pro tablet without a keyboard. Wait, is that really Pro?

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