What IF Wikipedia starts charging subscription fee?

In a world of Spotifys and Netflixs and countless other subscriptions, what’s just one more? Especially for something as wildly useful as Wikipedia. If Wikipedia was to go to a subscription model, how much would you be willing to pay? How much would be high enough that you would try to go without?

Like Limer said in his post, Wikipedia has become one of the most influential website in WWW. It stands for free and easily accessible informations for public, meaning, people love free good goodies. For some reason, Wikipedia has not run any kinds, literally NO, never ever, of annoying advertisements, except ones of Wikipedia’s desperate call for donation.

Unfortunately, it may seem plausible, it is not entirely possible. The contents of the Wikipedia always have been questioned, therefore practically banned from using for academical purposes. A second after Wikipedia starts charging people, it’s more likely to raise lawsuit hell for Wikipedia, asking to verify its every single content’s integrity.

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