Samsung Might Stop Selling LCDs to Apple

With almost unending lawsuits and Apple’s billion dollar victory over Samsung, it appears Samsung made its mind to cut off its biggest customer, Apple.

Of course, as of now, news is only speculation, sourced from S. Korea, The Korean Times. For whatever reason, KT has not published Korean version of the article that has been prolonged tradition in Korean Times. -The Korean Times is S. Korean newspaper-

Given the sensitivity and obvious ridiculousness of the issue, Samsung spokesman declined to comment. For the record, a week before Steve Jobs went ranting on Samsung, Samsung Electronics CEO has declined to comment on ‘how to beat Apple in competition’, a question brought up in shareholder meeting.

Recent studies indicate about 40% of smartphones and 70% of tablets are running iOS, and about 7% of computers are running Mac. Adding it all up, if the rumor is true, Samsung is about to abandon the market of 40% of smartphone display, 70% of tablets’ and 7% of computers’, for a reason of childish grudge against Apple.

According to The Korean Times, “a senior Samsung source” has said Samsung cannot supply its display with huge discounts Apple is asking. There have been several allegations against Samsung for giving huge discounts to Apple on its electronics components, in order to win the competition another S. Korean based company, irver.

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